Tara through a wedding and two pregnancies!


I have trained with Monte for almost 7 years! To say he is amazing is an understatement. He is committed to your health and goals and makes the workouts work for you. I first met Monte when I was trying to get in shape for my wedding. What I didn’t realize is that by working out with Monte, I was transforming my lifestyle. The workouts were addictive and he is always changing them up so I don’t get bored, because that’s one of the biggest things I hate about working out, doing the same thing over and over. He introduced me to kickboxing and I fell in love with the results both physically and mentally. I ended up being in the best shape of my life for my wedding and continued to stay in shape afterwards. Monte has worked with me through two pregnancies and post pregnancies. One of which I had limitations but Monte can always find ways to work around those limits and still keep you safe. I couldn’t believe it when this past week I was actually a pound under my starting weight from when I became pregnant with my second child.  What is so incredible is that when I first started my workouts back up after the birth of my second child, I had limited time and my 3 year old running around. Monte dove in and there I was working out with my 3 year old which absolutely made me think it was possible to hit my goals. No matter what, we were going to make it happen! I love the day after our sessions because I am always sore! Monte is more than my trainer, he became my friend.  He checks in on you and really cares about who he works with. Thank goodness I have him in my life to keep me in shape!