International Training: Skype. Los Angeles area Training: in-home, outside in a park near you, Fitness Factory West Hollywood.

Everything that we do and accomplish is first and foremost 100% mental. You will find optimal success with me because I work closely with you to determine what fitness and nutrition programs will work for you and your personal mindset. I work closely with you to find workouts that you love at best, or enjoy the challenge of at worst. There are a million ways to reinvent the fitness wheel and I work tirelessly to make sure I find the right fit for you. There is no long term success and sustainable effort, if you do not enjoy the process. I individualize programs to keep you coming back.


Safety and the care of your body are my primary concerns so we will not be jumping headfirst onto the latest workout fad; I test everything out on myself before I try it with any client. I have an advanced certification from NASM as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, so identifying and correcting any musculature imbalances will be part of our program. I specialize in intense, fast paced, functional training but cater to the needs of bodybuilders, newcomers and people with injuries. Most injuries can be worked around until the injury is healed sufficiently to be worked with and strengthened.

I do in-home training in the Los Angeles area, at Fitness Factory in West Hollywood (private gym with complimentary valet), and via Skype .

We will use a wide variety of equipment and any or all of the following styles depending upon your interest, goals, and capacity:


Functional training

Strength Conditioning

High Intensity Interval Training

Sports Periodization

Citcuit training

Unilateral training

Balance training on Bosu, Airex pad, etc.

Plyometric conditioning

Endurance training

Mui Thai kickboxing

TRX suspension training

Tabata training

Time Under Tension

German Volume Training