I have stated that I see a fitness program and it’s success as 100% mental. I would like to say the same for nutrition, but that’s not true. A person’s relationship with food and ability to adjust that relationship to meet any aesthetic or health goals is mental, but also very chemical. Food performs in the body like a drug, setting off chemical reactions that elicit behavior, not unlike that of a drug addict. Poor nutritional choices are made everyday; many of us answer the siren song of a cupcake with no control, as if we were under hypnosis. 


I am a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist through ISSA. That means I know how to take all of your statistics, tally them, and produce your ideal calorie count on an individual basis with exactly how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat you need per day. ZZZZZZZZ… I have tried to live like that and found it tedious. I have also tried every “diet” or eating plan or fad you have ever heard of. My first diet was in 8th grade; it consisted of a green apple and a diet Coke for lunch, and a can of tomato soup for dinner. Crazy unhealthy. 


I can help you get really intense and lose a lot of weight, or chisel away that last five pounds. I can show you ways to do it fast or slow, or somewhere in-between. I prefer to live and teach a balanced relationship with food that allows for treats and realistic goals and time frames. I believe in treating food as fuel most of the time, so you can treat it like a lover when it counts.