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How Sports Performance Enhancement can benefit YOU

I've been getting a lot of new inquiries and a lot of new clients lately from my announcement of my third advanced certification in Personal Training, so i am going to create a brief description and explanation based on all the questions i have received. this is going to be a very short simple explanation just to give you an overview and introduction, i can go more in-depth once we start training together!first we start with a few movement tests to identify underachieve and overactive muscles and then we work to correct them through stretching, foam rolling, and activation techniques. the idea being that if we start building strength on top of dysfunction, we are only strengthening the dysfunction.

now the fun begins! we start working in different areas and with different modalities, but progressing from Stabilization, to Strength (there are different levels within Strength as well), and then into Power. when working with athletes i work all the way up to the power stages, but with most people the focus is on stabilization and strength. 

Power is required for sports, but a lot of the moves to acquire and build up power do interest many of my clients. so we figure out your goals and i tailor a program to your desired result; while discovering and incorporating the style of workouts that you enjoy most. 

There is no one way to do anything when working with an individual and it is my job (also my favorite part of my work) to get to know you, your body, and your mind and help you enjoy and feel challenged in ways that keep you coming back.

I love surprising people into finding that they love to work out!

that is the most simplistic way to describe what i do. 

the following is a list of the different areas we can work in with Sports Performance Enhancement, and remember, we only use the modalities that work for YOU:









feel free to email me with general questions or inquiries on training in person, Skype or speaking to or training  your group!


Whole30 : Personal Trainer Experience: DAY 30

first i would like to say that i whole heartedly recommend the Whole 30 especially for anybody that has serious health problems and is looking for a permanent solution. It is really helping a lot of people get their diabetes, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases under control. If you try for 30 days and it doesn't work, the worst thing that happened is that you ate extremely healthy food for 30 days. Not a sad story. All that being said what I am presenting today is completely my own version of the whole 30 program, it was extremely effective but I know they would not necessarily love how I am endorsing the program, or teaching it. i have been studying food and fitness for over 25 years and I'm extremely in tune with my body. Also, when I started this I was not trying to treat any diseases. I wanted to learn about it, and see how my body responded. I would recommend to anybody approaching this as a beginner or in an intermediate level do the program exactly as prescribed for 30 days and see how that works. I would suspect that 98% of all people would respond really well to exactly how it is written and prescribed. i just do not happen to be one of those people. There’s my disclaimer, here we go!

MY WORKOUT SITUATION is not typical. i lifted weights 4 times a week for 1 1/2 hours each time, hiked 4 miles EVERY day, and jogged 5 extra miles on quite a few days.

DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF OR COUNT CALORIES FOR 30 DAYS. I completely ignored this rule from day one. i used the MyFitnessPal app for at least the first 20 days until I really understood where I was getting my fats, my carbs, proteins, and in what levels because I was interested. it also had the bonus effect of getting me to add vegetables that i don’t normally eat as i became interested in upping my micronutrients from food sources instead of supplements. I also weighed myself every single morning and tracked my progress. 

EAT A LOT OF PROTEIN, FATS, AND VEGETABLES. EAT A COUPLE OF SERVINGS OF FRUIT; NUTS SPARINGLY. i did eat a lot of protein! i ate more of my fats from nuts and less from oils than they recommend, i tried cooking with the quantities they recommended of cooking fats but i didn’t like the taste and i felt heavy. they also recommend copious amount of olives and coconut flakes, but i couldn’t get into it. i ate A TON of fruit! i have a huge sweet tooth and they want you to break that, but i was weak!!!! here’s my take on that: i am alive and i am going to die eventually, i will not live a boring life and i was bored senseless without the fruit. event shoveling fruit into this machine was unsatisfying in the first couple of weeks. for me. 

DO NOT GO OFF OF WHOLE 30 FOR THE FIRST 30 DAYS, THEN REASSESS. i had cheat days, i think three of them. this past Sunday was one of them; i had pizza, soy milk ice cream and cookies. i learned from the last cheat day to take a Nexium when i started the feast to avoid heartburn the next day. It was difficult to want to stick strictly to the program the whole time especially when I had already hit my goal weight; also I didn't have any diseases I was trying to get rid of. Also, my normal diet is pretty close to Whole 30 with the exception of protein bars. But letting go of protein bars was a huge thing, hence the bucket and buckets of fruit each night.


I don't believe that any one diet plan, or any exercise plan, or any lifestyle in general is going to be a fit for every person on this planet. even though we are all humans and we are 99.9% exactly the same on a cellular level; it’s that .01% that makes us all so different, making this whole experience on earth amazing. I do not live under the illusion that this body will last forever. I treat it the best I can. I enjoy it and I'm so grateful that it functions so well and allows me to experience so much. But I do not believe in pursuing health for the sake of staying alive longer, but rather to live better. i listen to my instincts and my desires and respond accordingly. i present my take so that you can see variations and other options. the first couple of weeks on this program got SUPER boring at times. it was a huge adjustment for me, and i eat very well in general. so let’s get to…


Whole 30 has helped me get to a point where i eat real food most of the time and that makes sense to me! once i adjusted, it feels right in my body. i now eat healthy fats, meat and fish, vegetables, and fruit. on a daily basis i eat nothing else. nothing processed unless i am purposefully veering off course. my body looks better than EVER before; i am down 17 pounds! i didn’t expect to drop below 172, that was my old peak and i thought that was great. now i hover between 168 and 169 and i can feel that my body is in prime condition. when i run i feel a flow that i haven’t felt before and my body feels like a machine that is functioning at peak levels. to be honest, last Sunday”s cheat meal didn’t feel that great or satisfying. i suspect as time goes on i will be less attracted to that kind of food, but i expect it to be a process and i hope you will too. if you try this and end up eating 6 cakes on day 9 like somebody was going to steal them from you, it’s ok! day 10 you pull it back together and get back on the highlighted path. we all know this makes sense, it’s instinctual and it’s worth working towards.

Whole30 : Personal Trainer Experience: Day 18


today i am going to briefly highlight the Whole 30 take on fruit, nuts, and eating before bed. let’s start with FRUIT! i am glad i got to this part of the book; i had been eating fruit like crazy! i misunderstood the rules at first glance; i thought it was just eat meat, fruit, and veggies… as much as you want. i was eating fruit like somebody was going to steal it from me if i didn’t hurry. they say that fruit is certainly healthy and encourage a few servings a day, but get most of your carbs from veggies or you will end up using fruit like you used candy, cookies, etc. i needed to read that. eating fruit before bed is also bad, but let’s save that for the section on eating before sleep.

NUTS are good for you… in moderation! i didn’t know we could have nuts and when i found out we could, i probably overate those too. ok, not probably… yes, i overdid it. not all nuts are created equally; cashews, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts are all on the preferred list because they are low in polyunsaturated fats (less beneficial fat) and high in monounsaturated fats (beneficial fat). all other nuts are less desirable. period. (there is a scale and you can read the book for more specific info) the program recommends eating nuts somewhat sparingly, for example in a salad, ever so often. 

EATING BEFORE BED is not recommended. they recommend eating at least two hours before bed. eating before bed messes with your hormones which can decrease your body’s natural ability to repair itself during sleep. eating fruit that is high in sugar can raise your insulin levels, which can then crash and have you at the refrigerator like a sleepwalking zombie looking for a snack in the middle of the night.

Whole30 : Personal Trainer Experience: Day 17

if you are on a budget, do not be discouraged from doing your best version of The Whole 30. if you are looking to improve your health and break your dependance on Big Food and the lies they sell under the heading of “food”; you can make smart economical purchases which will be better than the processed American diet you are currently consuming. i am going to talk briefly about the nutritional boost of organic meats and vegetables so that you can easily digest the benefits and consider making organic a long term goal. i am also going to tell you how to work with a limited budget and make the smartest most economical choices for your budget. 

first let’s talk about meats. Whole 30 recommends a varied diet of meats including fish, foul, and other meats. animals raised in a natural or organic state are allowed to roam a bit and eat what they would naturally eat for food, which leads to optimal health of the animal and optimal nutrition for you. industrial raised animals are kept in close, miserable, and filthy environments and fed a diet that is not natural to their bodies; this leads to susceptibility to disease, which is why they are pumped full of antibiotics. Are the most interesting facts in this book that I was completely unaware of is that most of the toxins in an industrial raised animals is stored in the fat. So if you cannot afford to go organic, Choose the best cuts that you can and then cut all the fat off to avoid a lot of the toxicity.

Let's talk about vegetables, I learned something that was completely new to me so maybe it will be new to you as well. This book takes into if accounts that many people cannot afford to go organic so what they suggest is to buy fruits and vegetables in the smartest way you can. Fruits and vegetables that can be peeled do not need to be organic as you're are taking the skin off. They recommend buying fruits and vegetables that can be peeled from the regular side of the store, and anything that cannot be peeled from the organic section. But there is also a website that takes this theory a little bit deeper and gets very specific that you can visit and make your smartest choices. They rank the dirtiest vegetables to the cleanest vegetables. So until you can afford organic, you can make save smart choices right now that you can afford! The website is the Environmental Working Group at www.ew.org/foodnews

Whole30 : Personal Trainer Experience: Day 15

chocolate lava cake and vanilla bean ice cream LIED TO ME!!! i had intended to do the first 30 days completely by the book, but friday night we had an unforeseen miracle in my family and celebration seemed appropriate;  so i decided to veer off course a bit for a meal. i am committed to the Whole 30 lifestyle in the long term, but i am not giving up alcohol completely and i will not be 100 % strict on special occasions. one thing i will be giving up for sure is lactose. i ate tuna tartare as an appetizer, filet mignon for entree, and shared a side of mushrooms; there was some sugar in the ponzu with the tartare and mushrooms works sautéed in some butter. So far so good, and then the lava cake and ice cream happened (after a couple of glasses of champagne a desert sounded like a good idea). It tasted like absolute heaven, I enjoyed it thoroughly as I ate it. But on the way home my stomach started to twist, turn, and cramp; by time I got home it felt like a nightmare. The entire weekend I have been gassy and twisty and my stomach; all the way through to today, Monday. It has progressively become less awful, but this experience has really show me how bad this kind of food is for my body. I am fascinated by the fact that in just 12 days I can no longer tolerate this is kind of food at all.

but i know me and i will not be able to survive on fruit alone forever, so i guess i am going to start trying out recipes using the Whole 30 book to make deserts from time to time. the good news is that the lesson was so strong, that i know at least myself or my husband will be able to stop us from desert next time we enjoy a little of the bubbly. experiments in desert making to follow... stay tuned.