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How Sports Performance Enhancement can benefit YOU

I've been getting a lot of new inquiries and a lot of new clients lately from my announcement of my third advanced certification in Personal Training, so i am going to create a brief description and explanation based on all the questions i have received. this is going to be a very short simple explanation just to give you an overview and introduction, i can go more in-depth once we start training together!first we start with a few movement tests to identify underachieve and overactive muscles and then we work to correct them through stretching, foam rolling, and activation techniques. the idea being that if we start building strength on top of dysfunction, we are only strengthening the dysfunction.

now the fun begins! we start working in different areas and with different modalities, but progressing from Stabilization, to Strength (there are different levels within Strength as well), and then into Power. when working with athletes i work all the way up to the power stages, but with most people the focus is on stabilization and strength. 

Power is required for sports, but a lot of the moves to acquire and build up power do interest many of my clients. so we figure out your goals and i tailor a program to your desired result; while discovering and incorporating the style of workouts that you enjoy most. 

There is no one way to do anything when working with an individual and it is my job (also my favorite part of my work) to get to know you, your body, and your mind and help you enjoy and feel challenged in ways that keep you coming back.

I love surprising people into finding that they love to work out!

that is the most simplistic way to describe what i do. 

the following is a list of the different areas we can work in with Sports Performance Enhancement, and remember, we only use the modalities that work for YOU:









feel free to email me with general questions or inquiries on training in person, Skype or speaking to or training  your group!


meditation monday: how to do silent meditation

it’s meditation monday! every monday i will explain a different sort of meditation which you can try. some people find one meditation that works for them and do it forever, fantastic! i often try new things and switch back and forth, sometimes i make them up. meditation is for you to connect with your source and get your head straight; you may have to experiment with a few before you find a good fit. i do not believe in doing meditations that i find irritating, i don’t expect you to either.

this week we start with the master of all meditations: silent meditation can feel like one of the hardest things on Earth to do when you are just starting out, but it reaps huge benefits in the long term. with cell phones and the internet keeping us constantly available and constantly under intense stimulation, our brains can get overwhelmed and seem to race uncontrollably on their own. my favorite term for this is “monkey brain”; it’s like there is a monkey jumping around from thought, to thought, to thought, to thought, to OMG please stop! in as little as one minute a day of silent meditation, you can start to slow this down and learn to control your mind. any more than a minute can seem like complete torture and i do not believe in unnecessary suffering; you can build up to more time as you get better at it.

the basics: find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably with no interruptions. sit. i like my hands on my knees, just be comfortable. set a timer and close your eyes. if you can go silent in the brain, just like that, congrats! you are a unicorn! for everybody else with the monkey (or monkeys) having their filthy way in your head, here is how i did it when i started: i pictured a halo above my head and kind of wide. the halo was not the glowing angel type, it was more like a breeze. whenever you notice a thought it is important not to judge it or try to force it away!!! this can not be overstated. gently notice the thought and pass it from the from of your mind to the halo and let it be there. continue to do that with all subsequent thought which enter your calm until the buzzer stops the meditation. i recommend starting with just one minute because for most people this will seem like an eternity, more would be impossible. 

you can progress as fast or slow as you like, you make the rules. i would suggest for most people: one minute a day for a week, then two minutes a day for the next week, etc. i have never gone past seven minutes because it becomes torture for me, but you can do it for hours if you like. this practice is for you, make it something you like or at least don’t suffer through. i will have another suggestion next week, enjoy!