My gorgeous, amazing, sweet, smart, kind friend/client Dr. Stephanie White and her husband decided to become parents a few years ago… great news! She started taking the pre natal vitamins, doing all the things that people having kids in their 30’s do; we started training specifically for pregnancy. Unfortunately, after a few months her doctor advised against exercise and eventually she was on bed rest. She ended up having a difficult pregnancy which resulted in an emergency C-section. It was scary, but thankfully everything worked out great with a healthy mom and a healthy baby boy… now i have a awesome new friend named Lucas!

The inactivity and the stress of the pregnancy packed a lot of extra weight on her and she wasn’t feeling that great about it. She did however have a healthy attitude about it and gratitude for a healthy family; this positive attitude was a great starting point for her journey back to a body that she is happy and comfortable in. She did not get down on herself or get crazy about diet or exercise; which is a very healthy mental space to make change from. She wanted to feel strong and healthy in her body again, but she had to do it at pace that was realistic given her circumstances. For the first few month no exercise at all. At all! It takes time to heal after a C-section, more time than a traditional birth, so she had to wait. She also had to go back to work seeing patients. When a new mom comes home from a long day of work she wants to be with her baby and her husband… not her trainer! So she took it slow and lost 35 pounds in one year by working out only 1 1/2 hours a week with me and watching her diet. Important to note: she did not suffer on a “diet” for a year, we took a very realistic and holistic approach to this. 


First we started the workouts, which were very hard for her and we took more breaks than ever before. She was not used to working out in a body like this and it had been a while since she had really exercised at all. Next she made gradual changes to improve her diet, nothing too drastic at first. After a couple of months she was feeling a bit stronger and healthier and ready to make a deeper commitment. She and her husband went Whole 30 for a full 30 days together which helped recalibrate their bodies and get back to a healthy, natural eating cycle. Whole 30 doesn’t restrict the amount of food you eat, just the types of food that you eat (all natural, organic, not processed) They never felt like they were starving and suffering. Throughout the whole year this was the only “strict” month; but they built up to it so it didn’t cause suffering. After the Whole 30 month, they have adopted as much of that eating style as is conducive to their regular lifestyles. Sometimes you just want a sandwich and that is OK! Birthdays happen. Meeting friends for drinks happens. Going to a nice restaurant where you would like to try everything happens. Balance is good! 


Stephanie could have lost the weight faster, but she did it the right way for her life, her family and her body. There are all kinds of approaches to take to reach your goals. Dr Stephanie is just one great example of taking a holistic approach that is realistic and loving to the self.