Whole30 : Personal Trainer Experience: DAY 30

first i would like to say that i whole heartedly recommend the Whole 30 especially for anybody that has serious health problems and is looking for a permanent solution. It is really helping a lot of people get their diabetes, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases under control. If you try for 30 days and it doesn't work, the worst thing that happened is that you ate extremely healthy food for 30 days. Not a sad story. All that being said what I am presenting today is completely my own version of the whole 30 program, it was extremely effective but I know they would not necessarily love how I am endorsing the program, or teaching it. i have been studying food and fitness for over 25 years and I'm extremely in tune with my body. Also, when I started this I was not trying to treat any diseases. I wanted to learn about it, and see how my body responded. I would recommend to anybody approaching this as a beginner or in an intermediate level do the program exactly as prescribed for 30 days and see how that works. I would suspect that 98% of all people would respond really well to exactly how it is written and prescribed. i just do not happen to be one of those people. There’s my disclaimer, here we go!

MY WORKOUT SITUATION is not typical. i lifted weights 4 times a week for 1 1/2 hours each time, hiked 4 miles EVERY day, and jogged 5 extra miles on quite a few days.

DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF OR COUNT CALORIES FOR 30 DAYS. I completely ignored this rule from day one. i used the MyFitnessPal app for at least the first 20 days until I really understood where I was getting my fats, my carbs, proteins, and in what levels because I was interested. it also had the bonus effect of getting me to add vegetables that i don’t normally eat as i became interested in upping my micronutrients from food sources instead of supplements. I also weighed myself every single morning and tracked my progress. 

EAT A LOT OF PROTEIN, FATS, AND VEGETABLES. EAT A COUPLE OF SERVINGS OF FRUIT; NUTS SPARINGLY. i did eat a lot of protein! i ate more of my fats from nuts and less from oils than they recommend, i tried cooking with the quantities they recommended of cooking fats but i didn’t like the taste and i felt heavy. they also recommend copious amount of olives and coconut flakes, but i couldn’t get into it. i ate A TON of fruit! i have a huge sweet tooth and they want you to break that, but i was weak!!!! here’s my take on that: i am alive and i am going to die eventually, i will not live a boring life and i was bored senseless without the fruit. event shoveling fruit into this machine was unsatisfying in the first couple of weeks. for me. 

DO NOT GO OFF OF WHOLE 30 FOR THE FIRST 30 DAYS, THEN REASSESS. i had cheat days, i think three of them. this past Sunday was one of them; i had pizza, soy milk ice cream and cookies. i learned from the last cheat day to take a Nexium when i started the feast to avoid heartburn the next day. It was difficult to want to stick strictly to the program the whole time especially when I had already hit my goal weight; also I didn't have any diseases I was trying to get rid of. Also, my normal diet is pretty close to Whole 30 with the exception of protein bars. But letting go of protein bars was a huge thing, hence the bucket and buckets of fruit each night.


I don't believe that any one diet plan, or any exercise plan, or any lifestyle in general is going to be a fit for every person on this planet. even though we are all humans and we are 99.9% exactly the same on a cellular level; it’s that .01% that makes us all so different, making this whole experience on earth amazing. I do not live under the illusion that this body will last forever. I treat it the best I can. I enjoy it and I'm so grateful that it functions so well and allows me to experience so much. But I do not believe in pursuing health for the sake of staying alive longer, but rather to live better. i listen to my instincts and my desires and respond accordingly. i present my take so that you can see variations and other options. the first couple of weeks on this program got SUPER boring at times. it was a huge adjustment for me, and i eat very well in general. so let’s get to…


Whole 30 has helped me get to a point where i eat real food most of the time and that makes sense to me! once i adjusted, it feels right in my body. i now eat healthy fats, meat and fish, vegetables, and fruit. on a daily basis i eat nothing else. nothing processed unless i am purposefully veering off course. my body looks better than EVER before; i am down 17 pounds! i didn’t expect to drop below 172, that was my old peak and i thought that was great. now i hover between 168 and 169 and i can feel that my body is in prime condition. when i run i feel a flow that i haven’t felt before and my body feels like a machine that is functioning at peak levels. to be honest, last Sunday”s cheat meal didn’t feel that great or satisfying. i suspect as time goes on i will be less attracted to that kind of food, but i expect it to be a process and i hope you will too. if you try this and end up eating 6 cakes on day 9 like somebody was going to steal them from you, it’s ok! day 10 you pull it back together and get back on the highlighted path. we all know this makes sense, it’s instinctual and it’s worth working towards.