Whole30 : Personal Trainer Experience: Day 15

chocolate lava cake and vanilla bean ice cream LIED TO ME!!! i had intended to do the first 30 days completely by the book, but friday night we had an unforeseen miracle in my family and celebration seemed appropriate;  so i decided to veer off course a bit for a meal. i am committed to the Whole 30 lifestyle in the long term, but i am not giving up alcohol completely and i will not be 100 % strict on special occasions. one thing i will be giving up for sure is lactose. i ate tuna tartare as an appetizer, filet mignon for entree, and shared a side of mushrooms; there was some sugar in the ponzu with the tartare and mushrooms works sautéed in some butter. So far so good, and then the lava cake and ice cream happened (after a couple of glasses of champagne a desert sounded like a good idea). It tasted like absolute heaven, I enjoyed it thoroughly as I ate it. But on the way home my stomach started to twist, turn, and cramp; by time I got home it felt like a nightmare. The entire weekend I have been gassy and twisty and my stomach; all the way through to today, Monday. It has progressively become less awful, but this experience has really show me how bad this kind of food is for my body. I am fascinated by the fact that in just 12 days I can no longer tolerate this is kind of food at all.

but i know me and i will not be able to survive on fruit alone forever, so i guess i am going to start trying out recipes using the Whole 30 book to make deserts from time to time. the good news is that the lesson was so strong, that i know at least myself or my husband will be able to stop us from desert next time we enjoy a little of the bubbly. experiments in desert making to follow... stay tuned.