Whole30 : Personal Trainer Experience: Day 12

Batten down the hatches… here comes the weekend! For anybody who read last weekends post, you know that the weekend surprised me. We are going to have to make choices, face hard decisions! Even though I knew i was going to a birthday party, I wasn’t really ready for the moment the cake came out. Also, I wasn't prepared for Sunday afternoon: when all of the potato chips in Southern California decided to start a collective siren song to lure me into a grocery store. But this weekend I am as ready as I can. i know the suggestions that are coming may sound lame, believe me i LOVE JUNK FOOD! unfortunately, it does not seem to love me back. i give it my money, love, energy, and time; it gives me back fat and poor health… not a great relationship.

my best solutions so far:

  1. eat before you go to an event
  2. pack food and keep it in a covert bag or in the car if you may need more
  3. most parties i go to have a fruit and a veggie plate, but if you doubt the host…
  4. pack cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, sliced colorful bell peppers, celery, etc… whatever veggies you like. if you don’t think you like veggies, try and work on that mindset. it can be hard if your American (i use that term as it applies over the planet now) diet never included them, but if you are willing to be willing, you will eventually enjoy better health.
  5. fruit! anything you can easily deal with is better than pastries, cake, etc.
  6. know it’s only a 30 day commitment, then you can reassess your level of commitment
  7. Monday is just around the corner! i’m not saying i don’t get cravings on the weekdays because i really do; but they are much less intense for me than those cravings over the weekend