Whole30 : Personal Trainer Experience: Day 8

i thought today i would show you what $70 of organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs looks like from the farmer's market. i took this photo after my trip this morning because everything looked so beautiful and the whole experience felt good and right. this may have something to do with the fact that for about 3 hours last night, all of the potato chips in Southern California got together to sing a sweet, seductive sirens song and try and lure me into the rocks. i however was triumphant and held my ground. if you read yesterday's blog you know i tried to warn you about what happens on the weekend... it feels like a time for treats and cheats. i didn't expect the neighborhood chips to turn on me. i ended up eating about 40 cherries in a row and a small container of blackberries, kind of like an addict.

today has been much easier, weekdays always are. i remember that now. but today is just a simple look at a bunch of veggies to show people that eating health doesn't have to be expensive. if you can't afford organic right now, regular fruits and veggies are even cheaper than this and always a better investment than manufactured food with no nutrients.