172.4 lbs this morning… FINALLY! this is the weight i was in June 2013; by that December i was 196 and not happy about it. in 2014 i was able to get down to 186, much better. and for the last year and a half i have been struggling to get back to the weight where i feel good. this is it! i may drop a bit more, the Whole30 is really about eating food that your body needs and nothing else. it’s about balancing your hormones so that your body is no longer storing unnecessary fat. all of the processed food is creating hormonal actions in our bodies which are making a disconnect between our minds and our bodies. our mind thinks it needs to store fat, while our bodies get fatter. in just a few days i am eating a ton of real food, but feel fat melting off. 

today’s tip is to use a calorie counting app, i like MyFitnessPal. firstly, it is helping me make sure i maintain my protein levels to maintain and grow my muscle mass. today i got distracted and didn’t eat enough. so at 10pm, about an hour after dinner i quickly scrambled so eggs so that my body won’t canibalize itself. the second thing i really love: the app shows you what nutrients you are getting from everything you are eating; i love this because i can google search for veggies that have nutrients i don’t normally eat. this makes it really easy to give your body all of the proper nutrients for optimal functioning.