a gorgeous client of mine asked today what i have been eating on the Whole 30, so i am going to give the breakdown of today in this post. before i get to the food i'll tell you about my workout for the day: i did shoulders for an hour, hiked Runyon, and did a lot of walking which added up to 10 1/2 miles total for the day. that's more than most people do, so the food may seem like a lot. audibale gasping may occur... 


Breakfast: 4 egg white with 2 slices of no nitrate etc. ham; 8 oz papaya; coffee with ghee and mct oil

Lunch happened twice: each time 2 cups of turkey survival (see older blog for recipe) 

Dinner: NY strip/ all natural/ no antibiotics/ vegetarian diet with 1 bag of shishito peppers

Snacks: 1 nectarine, 20 cherries, 1 cup of blackberries, 1 mango, 4 egg whites, another coffee with ghee and mct oil, 2 glasses of home made kombucha (i brew it myself)

that's at 8:30pm. MyFitnessPal app (where i got my food intake) says that i need15 more grams of protein today, so there may be a few more egg whites before dinner. so far this is pretty easy for me and the fat is melting away real quick! eating like this does take preparation so all you need is a gameplan.