Whole30 : Personal Trainer Experience: Day 1

Let me start by saying I am jumping into this on a whim. I have been hearing about this and seeing people do it and I have been curious. But last night at 11:45pm a light went off in my head as I started to read It Starts With Food (the book that breaks down the science of Whole30) and I knew I wanted to start this tomorrow, i.e. TODAY! So I took off my reading glasses, put down my book, and went straight to the kitchen to down half a bag of Cheese Puffs before the clock struck midnight. Yesterday was a day of eating treats, as I knew I was going to tighten up my diet again today; the Cheese Puffs had survived my initial attack.

It’s all happening kind of fast and furiously but it feels right. Saturday I was training one of my clients who is a doctor and she was talking about and showing me the book. She thought I would be interested in the science behind the diet and the well-explained chemical and hormonal reactions that certain foods have. I went home and ordered the book on Amazon and it arrived yesterday.  I just happened to start reading it last night; in the intro it says that there is a lot of easily digestible information available online for free at http://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/ . it is very close to Paleo with some distinctions so it is easy for me to jump into without much planning. 

In the very beginning the authors talk about this diet curing rheumatoid arthritis and chronic inflammation. So I am going to jump in, read the book, and explain the science, the interesting parts, and make it as easy to understand as possible. I am also going to talk about any physical and emotional experiences I encounter so that it may help or encourage you. I will try and keep the blogs short and succinct so that you can easily digest the information and see if it might be for you. Please feel free to email or comment or join me, I think it’s going to be a fun adventure!

Here are the basics I know for sure and am applying for the next 29 ½ days:

No processed foods (there a very few exceptions if any, I will let you know as I find them)
Whole foods only: meat, fish, veggies, and fruit
No dairy
No alcohol
No grains
No legumes
I have to read further, but for bodybuilders: I think it means no creatine and no pre-workout drinks, also no protein powders; but I will update if that is wrong