Intermittent Fasting. Nightmare or dream come true?


Intermittent fasting is the practice of limiting your eating hours per day to a certain window. Most of the articles I have researched recommended an eight hour window, ex. Noon to eight pm. In a study on lab mice, it was discovered that mice who were only allowed to eat during an eight hour period each day lost five percent of their body weight; compared to a control group that ate the same amount of calories, but were allowed to graze at their food all day.


Not for me, but I will qualify that. The first two days were great, I felt leaner. When I did my weigh in, it showed loss. It was kind of fun, it felt like a game that I could win. But then by about day 3 or 4 I started to feel like it was inconvenient and I also started to feel like I was depriving myself. I started to get angry and decided to eat. And eat. And eat. In retrospect, I see that I put myself into a semi starvation cycle and I subconsciously rebelled. 

This does not mean that it couldn’t work for you. You really need to know yourself and how your mind and body work together. If you are going to try it, I would recommend paying attention, and stopping if you felt you might rebel like I did. I actually gained weight in the process, not necessarily a win. Like everything I suggest, be easy with your self and look at it as an experiment. 


I gave up breakfast. There are a lot of studies that say you have to eat first thing in the morning to get the engine humming. There are also a lot of studies that will tell you the exact opposite. I fell under the spell of this theory and have been eating breakfast first thing in the morning for a while. No more. Now I eat a homemade protein bar a couple hours after I get up, and then food when I’m in the mood. This has been working very well.